It’s the way your eyes wrinkle when you smile. Your left eye is lazy and you look a little high all the time. That makes me laugh. I told you it’s getting harder all the time for me to make friends who are girls because I’m “dudeish” and we both couldn’t stop laughing because it sounded like “nudeish”.

But oh mannnn the way you walk. Way you talk way you say my name.

I could try to blame my adoration on seratonin. But these neurotransmitters can’t sustain such enduring admiration.

Esther kept asking me if it was awkward. She assumes we can’t function as friends with out her. But nahh. I had a blast. You are wonderful. 

You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. I don’t admit this with butterflies in the stomach or a heart that’s beating a little too loud and a little too fast.

I say this because I respect you so much. You are a man with ambitition who is working hard to attain a dream. You have girded your arms with kindness and you are just a weird goofy dude. 

I don’t care what other people think. I just don’t. Because if they’ve spent so much time talking with you then they’d know. And those who have, do in fact, see what I see. 

I will not be ashamed that God put you in my life. I thank him for it.

And look at the man you’ve become. You’re teaching me a lot.

But wow. Just look at you now.



"Please hear me, Girl: The world has enough women who know how to do their hair. It needs women who know how to do hard and holy things."

- Ann Voskamp (via nsana)

(via in-christ-alone-my-hope-is-found)

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I’m a 7.5/10

That is a solid C


Christ is truly Lord if he knitted you together, friend. 

And I love, I love I love you.

Stop being so sad eh? One day you’ll meet a girl who won’t let you go.

You won’t have that sad look in those eyes. I won’t have to see you tense up as you wrestle those turbid thoughts.

I love you let me help you.


I’m crying now. It’s too soon to say goodbye. And even the thought of it is just too painful to deal with.


I am just not allowing myself to think. Nope. No no no no no no non ono

But he’s in God’s hands. So I will go an pray to the God of heaven.


I think Tommy seriously thought I wrote fan fiction about him and Austin.

I almost peed laughing of course but I’m really disturbed that he thought it was plausible.  



I love getting to know new friends. Tommy is so sweet and caring. And wonderfully sassy and smart. I really appreciate how easily he gives out his friendship to others. He thinks everyone is nice and everyone is wonderful. That fills up my heart. I love how we can fight over who loves Austin more. And he really is a good companion to me in a lot of ways. So weird but I guess we’re going like clothes shopping together this week. We’re also going to watch movies and help Austin train. And now we get to work together too! I’m so happy!

But I think I’m going to go hit up Kris again today. I need him to keep me in mind so he’s not blown away by someone else. This is a worthwhile fight. I know it.

I miss Jess.

I miss Mario.

I miss the Sully’s. 

Scared about my dad lately. He’s just not that strong. His wounds are getting worse. 


I was just saying last night that I would wait.

And this morning there is a picture of you another girl on facebook. She’s really pretty.

Oh gosh she’s WAY prettier than I could ever hope to be. But she seems sweet. And kind.

And I’m talking her facebook right now…..I think she’s a model?!

Talk about motivation to loose weight…..Good grief I think I’ll shower and then go on a run or something….anything